Of course you would not be surprised by me saying this. Also a lot of companies would agree on this statement. But then something happens. Somewhere during the projects time lines User Experience is neglected, not always but often.

We, the UX-people are often missing one task and that is to prove that our ideas are not only necessary for a product to be popular but our requirements should not be treated as an extra cost. Our ideas of a user flow that is easier to use might require more database integrations and only using that word integration usually makes project managers quiver. But! By reducing work on the user side we usually minimize erroneous user input, we use already existing data, we might save on testing. Yes there are often many aspects of our ideas that saves time and money but this is seldom seen.

We have to constantly fight (more or less depending on colleagues and management) to make our requirements a reality when it should be the red carpet!

Running a business? Stop measuring projects on delivery times and budget and start measuring if projects are delivering value. You did not start your project to spend money in a certain time (this is what you measure if you check budget and timeline) but to deliver value!

Only when value is measured the red carpet will be there for the UX requirements!

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